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CPA Branch Manager

Job Type : Direct Hire
Hours : Full Time
Job Industry : Accounting - Finance

Job Description :

Establishing Strategic Thinking and Direction: HELP TO Develops the vision and strategies to achieve that vision; sets and communicates the long term direction of the firm and ensures that the short term goals, objectives and tasks are aligned and adjusted in anticipation and in response to outside forces and internal changes that impact achievement of the firm’s vision and strategies.
Business Planning, and Budgeting:  Established through professional experience and understanding of the keys to success in the market, the planning by area that will synergistically allow the firm to achieve its goals. Delegates from the highest level, to the lowest organizational level, the budget that will allow to both capitalize on opportunities, and run a lean and efficient operation.

Marketing, Advertising, and Sales: Understands and continues to obtain and research data about current and future market conditions, to understand client expectations and service opportunities based on needs analysis. Designs strategies to obtain high valued data from clients and prospects. Helps the marketing director and support staff design offers that match the firm core and profitable services with the needs, wants and desires of clients, to obtain response and awareness (market brand equity). Establishes processes by which all prospects are properly screened, every opportunity is timely matched with a professional and deep analysis that satisfies the client’s needs, while maximizing firm opportunity. The Sales process designed will properly screen qualified prospects and will increase closing ration and account dollar monetization. For existing clients, develop process by which additional services are offered, engaged, and provided.

Accounting, Finance, and Administration: Designs and Implements based on pre-determined industry standards, the Internal Controls that will allow the firm to be profitable, cash positive and an equity builder, by analysis of accurate financial reports and sound financial and operating decision making. Special emphasis on minimizing unnecessary costs, advancing the Work in Progress towards finalization and collection. Constantly provides guidance and leadership in the firm’s acquisition, management and fundraising of capital resources. Plans for, and executes a financial vision per operations, investments and financial activities to measure organic financial growth. Provides leadership to Office Manager and staff into the best business practices that are conducive to the highest levels of quality services, efficient management, and workflow.

Systems: Participates and supervises/monitor the implementation of systems that allow for the firm to create an environment where best practices and procedures become the law of the land, and success can be replicated. This system include technology, services, administration, sales and every area.



Establishing Direction and Planning - Obtain partner input and build consensus toward a strategic direction and the development of strategic planning objectives. Communicate and oversee implementation of approved strategic objectives.

Professionals – Works with Professional Resources & Development to support the recruitment and development initiatives in the firm. Supports participation in firm events. Works with the firm’s General Counsel and/or conflicts committee to resolve any conflicts of interest.

Public Relations – Presents a face and voice for the firm to the media, the professional regulatory bodies and others.

Motivation & Morale – Creates a positive work environment that encourages teamwork, cooperation and collaboration between and among offices and groups.

Administration & Staff - Through the Executive Director and functional area management, ensures that administrative support is carried out in an effective and efficient manner.

Committees - Recommends the creation of all standing committees required for the administration of the firm, including chairs and members of such committees.

Compensation – Plays an active role in the compensation process. Together with the [Compensation Committee] interviews all partners and makes compensation submissions on these partners for their consideration and inclusion in the compensation recommendations submitted to the [Compensation Committee]

Policies & Records – Develops, in conjunction with the senior Administrative staff and others as applicable, and also implements these policies, systems, and procedures for the firm and ensures they are followed by partners, associates and staff.

Reporting – Provides regular reporting to the partners dealing with finances, growth issues, management issues, and the implementation of business strategies.

Required Qualifications :


·        CPA

·        Bilingual a Must

·        Experience in corporate and personal tax prep and/or payroll

·        Strong Knowledge of and application of federal and state tax laws.

·        Experienced in Tax Return preparation and review.

·        A track record of competence in accounting technical services and leadership in practice Management (having earned the credibility of his/her colleagues) as well as in the following areas:

Analysis & Problem Solving

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