Job Title Location Job Type Date Posted
Accounting Specialist Doral Direct Hire 07/11/2024
Criminal Defense Attorney Collier, Lee, Palm Beach Direct Hire 07/11/2024
Legal Assistant - Paralegal Doral, FL Direct Hire 07/11/2024
Personal Injury Attorney Miami, FL Direct Hire 07/11/2024
Immigration Attorney Miami, FL Direct Hire 07/11/2024
Accounting Assistant / Operations Doral, FL Direct Hire 06/29/2024
Industrial Customer Service Doral, FL Direct Hire 06/19/2024
E-Commerce Order Processing Miami Lakes Direct Hire 06/06/2024
Criminal Defense Attorney Miami, FL Direct Hire 06/03/2024
Immigration Attorney Miami, FL Direct Hire 06/03/2024
Immigration Legal Assistant Miami Direct Hire 05/21/2024
E- Commerce Listing Specialist with RMA Experience Miami Lakes, FL Direct Hire 05/21/2024
Radiologist Miami, FL Direct Hire 05/12/2024
Project Manager Assistant Marathon, FL Direct Hire 05/12/2024
Procurement Direct Hire 05/12/2024
Account management Brickell Direct Hire 05/12/2024
Executive Housekeeper Kendall, FL Direct Hire 05/12/2024
Administrative Assistant Doral, FL Direct Hire 05/12/2024
Parts Purchase Specialist Miami Direct Hire 05/07/2024
Assistant Controller Brickell Ave Miami Direct Hire 05/07/2024
Project Manager Assistant Miami, FL Direct Hire 05/07/2024
Import / Export Coordinator Doral, FL Direct Hire 04/29/2024
Ocean Export Logistics Coordinator Miami FL Direct Hire 04/29/2024
Office Assistant Doral FL Direct Hire 03/15/2024
Sales Assistant Doral Florida Direct Hire 02/28/2024
Latin America Sales Miami Direct Hire 02/22/2024
Shipping Specialist Miami FL Direct Hire 02/22/2024
Mass Market Floral Sales Miami Fl Direct Hire 02/22/2024
Legal Professionals Miami, FL Direct Hire 02/22/2024
Paralegal Miami, FL Direct Hire 12/14/2023
Legal Assistant - Personal Injury Coral Gables Direct Hire 12/07/2023
Immigration Attorney Direct Hire 12/07/2023
Inside Sales FT Lauderdale Direct Hire 09/06/2023
Ophthalmology Specialist Direct Hire 09/06/2023
Procurement Sales Assistant Doral Direct Hire 09/05/2023
Wholesale Flowers Account Manager Doral Direct Hire 08/23/2023
Warehouse Assistant Manager Doral Florida Direct Hire 08/23/2023
Accountant Assistant Parttime Miami, FL Direct Hire 08/23/2023
Medical Device Outside Sales Florida Direct Hire 08/17/2023
Office Manager Doral, FL Direct Hire 08/09/2023
Sales Manager Freight Forwarding Doral Direct Hire 07/22/2023
Technical Support Associate Doral FL Direct Hire 07/16/2023
Construction Director Coral Gables Direct Hire 07/16/2023
Medical Equipment Sales Miami Direct Hire 07/09/2023
Life Insurance Manager Coral Gables Direct Hire 06/14/2023
Global Source & Supply Business Development Direct Hire 04/06/2023
Purchasing Assistant Doral Direct Hire 04/01/2023
Project Coordinator Direct Hire 04/01/2023
Front Desk - Receptionist Coral Gables Direct Hire 03/22/2023
Fitness Coach Miami Direct Hire 03/15/2023
Coach Miami, FL Direct Hire 03/07/2023
Technical Department Manager Doral, FL Direct Hire 01/28/2023
Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager United States Direct Hire 11/23/2021
Security Guards Port of Miami Direct Hire 10/26/2021
Boat Parts Counter Sales Direct Hire 08/30/2021
Receptionist Miami Direct Hire 06/08/2021
EMR/EHR Sales Manager Miami FL Direct Hire 03/24/2021
Financial Analyst Miami FL Direct Hire 09/01/2020
CPA Financial - Accountant Miami, FL Direct Hire 04/23/2020
Project manager for ship HVAC Projects Miami FL Direct Hire 03/24/2020
Google Shopping Campaign Specialist North Miami Beach Direct Hire 02/08/2020
Office Manager Miami FL Direct Hire 11/13/2019
Beverage Production Procurement From Home in any City in USA Direct Hire 08/05/2019
Project Coordinator Coral Gables Direct Hire 05/27/2019
HVAC Manager Miami FL Direct Hire 05/23/2019
Generator Technicians Miami Direct Hire 05/04/2019
Academic Dean Doral Direct Hire 04/05/2019
Brand Manager Direct Hire 02/21/2019
Heavy Equipment Miami Florida Direct Hire 10/11/2018
Pharmaceutical Warehouse Distribution Manager Doral Direct Hire 08/29/2018
FREIGHT FORWARDING COORDINATOR North Miami Direct Hire 07/12/2018
Project Administrator Hollywood, FL Direct Hire 06/25/2018
Inside Sales Rep Miami Direct Hire 05/27/2018
Front Desk Security Guard Blue Lagoon Direct Hire 05/27/2018
Machinery Sales Doral Direct Hire 05/27/2018
Cardboard Manufacturing Manager Miami Direct Hire 04/25/2018
Customer Services from Home Home Direct Hire 03/20/2018
Clients Relations Doral, FL Direct Hire 03/12/2018
Sales Assistant Doral Direct Hire 01/25/2018
Lead Generator Doral, FL Direct Hire 01/12/2018
Sales Director Novato, CA Direct Hire 12/28/2017
Bookkeeper Coral Gables Temporary Long Assignment 12/21/2017
Data Entry Miami Gardens Temporary Long Assignment 12/05/2017
Receptionist Miami Lakes Temp to Perm 12/02/2017
New Homes Sales Director South Florida Direct Hire 09/20/2017
Wireless Store manager Miami Direct Hire 04/04/2017
Ocean Export Coordinator Miami FL Direct Hire 03/17/2017
Heavy Equipment Electrician Mechanic Miami FL Direct Hire 03/07/2017
Weekend Partime Greeter Temporary Long Assignment 03/04/2017
Traffic Manager 33135 Direct Hire 12/16/2016
Administrative Assistant Doral Direct Hire 12/16/2016
Inside Sales Doral FL Direct Hire 12/06/2016
Administrative Assistant Doral Direct Hire 11/30/2016
Business Developer Miami Direct Hire 11/10/2016
Media Sales Executives Coral Gables Direct Hire 08/19/2016
Travel Media open positions Miami Direct Hire 08/16/2016
Software Project Manager Miami / New York Direct Hire 06/08/2016
.NET Developer Miami Direct Hire 06/08/2016
Store Associate Swimwear Fashion Miami Direct Hire 05/21/2016
Store Manager (Women's Fashion) Doral FL Direct Hire 05/20/2016
Construction Superintendent Miami Direct Hire 05/16/2016
HVAC B2B Sales Miami Direct Hire 05/05/2016
Implementation Manager Irvine, CA Direct Hire 05/04/2016
Healthcare Software Sales Miami Direct Hire 05/04/2016
.NET Developer New York, NY Direct Hire 02/19/2016
Oracle Database Engineer Portland, OR Direct Hire 02/06/2016
Account Executive Doral Direct Hire 02/02/2016
Sales Directors Broward Direct Hire 01/12/2016
Billing Clerk Hialeah Direct Hire 11/22/2015
Accountant Opa Locka Direct Hire 11/13/2015
Community Manager Miami Direct Hire 10/29/2015
Warehouse Manager Direct Hire 08/20/2015
Safety Supply and Equipment OR PPE SALES MANAGER Miami Direct Hire 08/08/2015
AIR CARGO SALES Doral FL Direct Hire 07/14/2015
Ocean Export Coordinator Miami Direct Hire 07/13/2015
Pre Sales Leads Generation (Entry Level) FT Lauderdale Direct Hire 06/24/2015
Bilingual Receptionist Miami Direct Hire 06/12/2015
Sales Person Hialeah, FL Direct Hire 06/07/2015
Office Clerk Hialeah Direct Hire 04/30/2015
Document Management Sales Kendal, FL Direct Hire 04/19/2015
PPE Sales Executive Broward Direct Hire 04/10/2015
Sales Support Doral FL Temp to Perm 03/30/2015
Web Developer Sharepoint Expertise Blue Lagoon Temporary Long Assignment 03/13/2015
Inside Sales Miami Direct Hire 03/13/2015
Accountant Miami, FL Direct Hire 01/06/2015
health claims examiners Miami, FL Direct Hire 11/23/2014
Personal Executive Assistant Coral Gables Direct Hire 09/29/2014
Executive Assistant Direct Hire 09/29/2014
Property Manager Direct Hire 09/29/2014
Heavy Truck Technician Pompano Direct Hire 09/11/2014
Heavy Truck Technician Doral Direct Hire 09/09/2014
Quality Control Doral FL Direct Hire 09/09/2014
Equipment Manager Doral Direct Hire 07/22/2014
Document Control Specialist Doral Temporary Long Assignment 07/03/2014
Director of Actuary Programs Pricing Portland, OR (preferred) or Seattle, WA Direct Hire 06/30/2014
Logistics Clerk Temporary Long Assignment 06/30/2014
Home Care Transitions Coordinator Mount Dora, FL Direct Hire 02/12/2014
Incentive Sales Chicago, IL Direct Hire 01/26/2014
Field Sales Associate - Based in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or Fort Myers, FL Florida Direct Hire 01/22/2014
Geologist or Scientist - Environmental Direct Hire 01/18/2014
Accounting Manager Miami, FL Direct Hire 01/16/2014
Warehouse Direct Hire 12/13/2013
Financial Director Santa Rosa, CA Direct Hire 12/09/2013
Ocean Logistics Coordinator Miami FL Temporary Long Assignment 11/11/2013
Optical Lab Technician Miami Fl Direct Hire 10/05/2013
Offfice Assistant Direct Hire 09/20/2013
Internal Audit Senior Director (Financial Reporting Audit Team, Internal Audit Division) Mclean, Virginia Direct Hire 09/02/2013
HRIS/Benefits Manager for large Health System Meriden, CT Direct Hire 09/02/2013
Credit Manager Oakland/East Bay - San Ramon, CA Direct Hire 08/13/2013
Receptionist / Clerk Miami FL Temporary Long Assignment 04/30/2012
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